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I can DO This

This one phrase can make all the different in the world in your matches and play. Your belief will 90% of the time determine your outcome, so why not think that you can all the time. whenever you are nervous or before a big point, just say to yourself”I can do this”! And believe you can, then you will, most of our self-talk is negative,so this should help you to neutralize it by using this phrase with EMOTION. You have to emotionalize it for it to be effective. In sports its all mental, you have to master your emotions, if you want to win, as I have said your main goal in tennis is to break the will of your opponent, so they will give up or quit.Always strive for this when you are playing, and since there is no such thing as over confidents, you need to work on building up your everyday. Feed your head with positive messages, until they began to take effect, then after reenforce them every outing. I can do this, make that your mantra, have nothing to do with anybody or anything that weakens you, notice how we keep our minds on things we don’t want, instead of the things we do want. This is why players FAIL! Yes by changing your mindset to “I can do this”  will be creating a force that will assist you in doing this. Give it a try. if you want to win now, just think “I can do this”.

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Mistakes,No Problem

I really feel what holds players back, is their inability to recover after a mistake, players often stay in the past during a match, instead of recovering quickly and getting ready for the next point, which is the most important point in every match. Learn to let go of your mistake and stay focus by staying in the moment. This should help you from getting down on yourself, also never lose two point in a row, because tennis is a feel game and momentum plays such a big part in it, never allow your opponent to get any type a rhythm in the match. This should frustrate them, then turn up the pressure on them, to break their willpower!, You will never play perfect tennis , so don’t try to, just  keep it steady as you can. Fight through your mistake by never getting upset after a mistake, this give you a sense of self control, that is very important for winning. I guess to sum it up , your ability to refocus, will determine the outcome of your matches. So, master this element of your game today, practice makes perfect, but give yourself time to master it. no need to rush, take your time. It will all come together if you are patience.

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Positive Reaction

No matter what happens when you play tennis, you need to react positively and get ready for the next point. I have heard this from many great coaches, the most important point is the next one. The thing about reacting positive is you become mentally tough after a while, because nothing can affect your game. Sports is 80% mental, never forget this, thats why you have to do whatever it takes to become mentally tough. Never let them see you sweat, as I have said before, the goal in tennis is to put your opponent in a mental state that they will give up. Always make this your main goal when playing a match, wear them down, then turn up the pressure. After that,the  match is over. Action tip, when you lose a point say something positive to yourself, force yourself to use positive body-language. play with your strings, but never start the next point, until you have mentally recover. This is the one problem i see with players all the time, they don’t recover mentally before the next point. Do this over and over until it becomes a habit, you have to really focus on this part of your game to master it, put it is definitely worth it. Give it try and start mastering your emotion and winning more matches.

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Flow With Your Game

Hey guys, its a hot one in the city of kobe! I hope you guys are cool where ever you are, today’s tip is on how to flow with your game. I spoke about the topic of flow before so i will just expand a little here. Learning to flow with your game, can be one of the most important thing that you can do to help you win more matches. When you are flowing with your game you aren’t really trying to do anything at all, you are letting the game come to you or you are trying to find your flow during the match. Since tennis is a feel game and most of us lose because of our NERVES, its even more important to flow with your game. We all get nervous and tight during a match,so the more you learn to let your game flow the better you will perform and win. Try not to let anybody or anything mess up your flow, start practicing this now, until it becomes a habit. Sometimes you wont be successful when you are trying it but, move on as quickly as possible after it happen. Keep a positive self-image of your game, never doubt yourself, this will give you powers that you didn’t know you had. When you master this, you will start dominating your opponents. I would summarizes flowing with your game as, playing tennis relax and having fun, thats it, keep it simple, this is such a great game.  Lets enjoy it as much as we can.

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Use Your Energy

Are you using all your energy in your shots? If not, start now, using your energy to me is getting all your weight and momentum into the ball. Its more powerful then, just stepping in to the ball, its maximizing your leverage when you strike the ball. Here are some tips to get you started, first, move to the ball as if you were moving in slow motion, of course this is after your explosive first step, get as close to the ball as possible then release your energy into the ball, while staying balance throughout the swing. All ways recover quickly, because you don’t have any time to admire the shot. Im talking about ground strokes here, by approaching the ball in slow motion, you will be able to store up that energy, then release it on your command. This take time and practice, so try it over and over again, until you can master it. As for as the serve, the energy is store up during the wine up(trophy position) and release when you pronate. Again this takes hours and hours of practice, in women tennis, what you see, is a lot of female players don’t store up enough energy in their wine up, so as a result they can’t release it. Also remember, with all stroke this releasing of your energy can not be force! It has to be EFFORTLESS, let the racket do the work, you are just along for the ride. Okay, lets get out there and use put some ENERGY in our shots.

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Believe It,Then See IT

As you can see all of my blogs are about the mental side of tennis. The reason is 80% of sports is mental, there is no getting around this, so that being said, if you want to win more, get tougher mentally. Todays tips( is believe it then see it), if you want to improve any part of your game, you have to first BELIEVE IT, then you can see it. This get back to creating whatever you want, this is were people don’t get the secret, to become anything they want. You have to believe in your heart, that you can do it, then its DONE! As the great LES Brown has said” Its a done deal “. The belief is what creates it, so you are right where you are now, because of your belief. Want to be a all round player, well deepen your belief that it is possible, then your SUbconscious take over and makes a way for it to happen. There, you have the secret, go create something in your game. Do it today too, want to win more, same applies, start affirming that you will win more, with emotion and you will. This is very simple folks, you decide what you want and then you take action UNTIL, you get it. This mix in with FAITH will make you unbeatable. 

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Mind Power (create your game)

I try to read every thing i can on self-improvement and self-growth, I advise you to do the same. you can never stop getting better, so try to improve some how some way all the time. Which brings me to my tip today and that tip is how to use mind power to create the tennis game that you want. For some this might be hard, but for others this should be easy. In the nut shell what you have to do is REWIRE YOUR MIND! I just read this by the great john Kehoe and Im going to try to implement it into my teaching methods. Rewire means, to totally makeover your mind, by feeding it instruction everyday for 30 min. or more. I would say depending on how weak or bad you are, practice it longer. So, what do you feed it? Simple, tell it and visualize the player you want to become, this has to be done with emotions or it wont work. I have said this many times before, tennis is a feel game, so the stronger your feeling are about your game, the quicker you can create it. Make sense right? the problem now is that you are sending your mind the wrong messages(negative ones), so you are actually creating the problem for your game. Wow, its really simple when you break it down. Do this, for the next 21 days, do some MENTAL TRAINING, get in a quiet place and picture yourself playing the way you want to play. Get that feeling deep down inside you, I mean really emotionalizes it. See yourself at your best, do this before you practice or play a match and slowly you will see your game start to take shape. never get frustrated, don’t allow anything or anyone to disrupt your HARMONY. Then, one day it will just click! It will all fall into place, thats MIND POWER!

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