Believe It,Then See IT

07 Jul

As you can see all of my blogs are about the mental side of tennis. The reason is 80% of sports is mental, there is no getting around this, so that being said, if you want to win more, get tougher mentally. Todays tips( is believe it then see it), if you want to improve any part of your game, you have to first BELIEVE IT, then you can see it. This get back to creating whatever you want, this is were people don’t get the secret, to become anything they want. You have to believe in your heart, that you can do it, then its DONE! As the great LES Brown has said” Its a done deal “. The belief is what creates it, so you are right where you are now, because of your belief. Want to be a all round player, well deepen your belief that it is possible, then your SUbconscious take over and makes a way for it to happen. There, you have the secret, go create something in your game. Do it today too, want to win more, same applies, start affirming that you will win more, with emotion and you will. This is very simple folks, you decide what you want and then you take action UNTIL, you get it. This mix in with FAITH will make you unbeatable. 

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