Nadal Takes Indian Wells

19 Mar

Man, is it great to see Nadal back and looking good are what, also Jeff had a great article on how Fed could win more against him. The thing that makes Nadal great is he just fight for every point and  he doesn’t give away anything. Juniors out there, study and copy this guys game. He is the real thing, take away anything you can to implement it into your game.

It will do wonders for your game and your confidents, because thats what it boils down to at the end of the day, you have to believe that if you keep fighting in your matches, that you can turn thing around, too many players give up on their matches too soon, get this through your head, the more you hang in there, the better chance you will have that your opponent will get tight and let you back in. 

All the greats knew this and thats what made them great, it all starts with your mindset, so get that in order today before you do anything else.

Its the key to Nadal’s success and what makes him who he is, surprising how Novak didn’t fight in the Del Porto match, but I like the fact that he didn’t make any excuses and own up to it, see thats why he is a class act all the way around. I think the clay court season will be Nadal’s to lose, anyway lets get ready for some long rallies.

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