Coaching Tennis

29 Apr

Thought I would get a little off course today and talk about the art of  coaching tennis and what key factor play a role, in becoming a good coach. Are you striving to be the best?

First thing is we need to commit 100% to our students, I was just talking about this in a discussion yesterday, and that is we all need to do a self-evaluation on where we are as coaches, then what we need to do to improve. And do it.

The goal of every coach should be  to help grow the game and also become a students of the game and stay one, what I have tried to do personally is make the game more simple for my students, by talking less and observing more, this is after I have demonstrated the stroke, then I stay very quiet watching and giving advice when needed.

I feel modern teaching is feeding 1000s of balls to our students, having them adjust after every swing, and then what will happen in this development stage is the stroke will develop on it’s own! That’s the secret to teaching the game, I’m open to advice, but for now I’m going to continue to use this method, please try it yourself too, man, does it work!

One more thing, put your heart and soul into your work, alway go to work in a spirit that is positive and upbeat, I know shouldn’t have to say this but, a lot of us need to look at this part of our coaching and make sure we are coaching on purpose!

Keep asking yourself, is my passion coaching tennis!

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