Find The Flow

05 Apr

Notice how every match has a different flow to it, so the job for you is to find your flow during the match. This can only work if you go with the flow, it can’t be force, you must allow it to happen on its own.

Just think about it as getting into harmony with your game and the match, its good to have a plan, but then be ready to adjust it during the match.

Develop the ability to counter your opponents play at will, this comes from playing experience over a long period of time.

Always learn from your matches, write a summary and try to improve your focus more after every match, thats has to start in practice, to get the most out of practice you need to keep your intensity at a high level, no matter how the day is going.

This builds up your mental powers, which will give you the edge on your opponent.

Keep in mind, everything is flowing either positive or negative, thats makes your main goal to learn how to flow positively with your game. Anger and frustration only negates your play, so don’t allow it to enter your mind at all. 

So what I want you to do for the next 21 days, thats right 21 days, implement the ideas in this blog and run with them, make them part of you game for life. Then watch how easy it is to flow with your game. 

Stay in flow, so your game will grow!

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