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Nadal Takes Indian Wells

Man, is it great to see Nadal back and looking good are what, also Jeff had a great article on how Fed could win more against him. The thing that makes Nadal great is he just fight for every point and  he doesn’t give away anything. Juniors out there, study and copy this guys game. He is the real thing, take away anything you can to implement it into your game.

It will do wonders for your game and your confidents, because thats what it boils down to at the end of the day, you have to believe that if you keep fighting in your matches, that you can turn thing around, too many players give up on their matches too soon, get this through your head, the more you hang in there, the better chance you will have that your opponent will get tight and let you back in. 

All the greats knew this and thats what made them great, it all starts with your mindset, so get that in order today before you do anything else.

Its the key to Nadal’s success and what makes him who he is, surprising how Novak didn’t fight in the Del Porto match, but I like the fact that he didn’t make any excuses and own up to it, see thats why he is a class act all the way around. I think the clay court season will be Nadal’s to lose, anyway lets get ready for some long rallies.

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Sense of Feel

What a great day here in kobe today, Im going to go to dinner soon, but lets talk quickly about the important of learning a sense of feel for the game. I wish more players who are struggling now would take this approach to the game. 

You will never improve until you develop this sense of feel for the game through lots of repetition and focus, if you haven’t improve up to this point and you have been learning for a while then you need to change something real quick. Many players fall into this trap of learning the game the same way over and over again while expecting different results, HELLLO, its not going to happen. Instead try to improve your feel for the ball at contact and how your body and the racket is position when you start your swing, as a coach this has really helped my players  out a lot ,who are having this problem with the sense of feel for the game. The thing to remember is you are trying to get a image in your mind of becoming at one with the ball, look at  the ball as being your dance partner, then you will be in harmony with it and your sense of feel will improve.

 Hope that make sense to you guys!

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Enlarge Your Vision

If you want to become more you have to enlarge the vision you have of yourself now and your future will follow, see yourself doing more and being more today, cast any doubt out of your mind. Don’t focus on where you are right now with your game, its doesn’t matter, keep focus on what you can become if you put more effort in to make it happen. The only way to neutralizes fear is by willpower, because its going to keep coming back from time to time, and every time it does, focus on the player you want to be. Soon you will be feeling different and making thing happen that will amaze you. But it starts with the vision, or it won’t happen.

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How Great You Are

Its so stuff for us to realize how great we are really are, so we go through life settling for average when it just doesn’t have to be that way, make up your mind now to fight for your right to be GREAT. Its starts in the mind, you can’t try to get motivated because that will wear out sooner or later. Its going to take you taking a trip to the deep inside your being to find out what you are really made of, thats the meaning of  true self- discovery, remember success is a inside job, so stop looking for outside help for once and for all and get busy on making your dreams come true, this is how we can reach are greatness that is lock up inside of us and waiting to come out, first develop the attitude and the action will follow, never doubt yourself for one second, have faith in your greatness or it won’t happen. Last thing stop dwelling on your FEARS, this is only attracting them to you. Instead hold in your mind the person you long to be every time you think about yourself and watch how soon you will become that person.  Okay, now you have a game plan to tap into your greatness, what are you going to do about it ? Time to get busy and stop making excuses.

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