Free Report

In this short free report Im going to tell you what tennis  is and how to learn the game  faster then you are now.

First of all tennis is a FEEL game, the better your feel the game, the quicker you will progress and the better you will play. Its really that simple, people struggle, because no one tells them this and they get confuse in the learning process.

I believe coaches are overrated and they make the game more difficult then it has to be.

If many of them would just change their approach to teaching, it would do a lot to help the students improve in this learning process.

What you want to do as a player is get a vivid picture of the stroke in your mind first, I mean as clear as possible, look at some of the pros that you like to get some idea of the stroke you want to learn.

Next, start shadow swinging for about 30 min. or more picturing the PERFECT stroke as you do. You want to FEEL yourself getting a clear picture in your mind of how the stroke is going to look.

Now the hard part, get on the court and practice by hitting 1000s and 1000s of balls as much as you can. Heres the key thing, you want to groove the stroke by getting a better feel every time after  you swing.
What you are using here is repetition and focus, to learn the stroke.

Let me tell you what will happen if you get out of your own way(mentally). The stroke will develop on its OWN!
Yeah, you didn’t know this like most students don’t, hell, I don’t think most coaches know this because, they are too busy TALKING all the time during the lesson.
In fact, what you are doing is teaching yourself, I know that might sound strange at first, but its true. Coaches are just guides for the students, and I hope more of them will change their teaching method ,to fit the MODERN times. It took me 15 years of coaching to figure this out and I have had a lot of coaches attack me on this, but Im standing firm here.
So, once again try these step and make sure that you keep improving your ability to focus and concentrate as you practice.

It boils down to self-feedback, while staying in learning mood all the time. If you do all of this with the right attitude, you will see your game take off like a ROCKET, I promise you will not believe how this whole process works, Im basing all this on first hand experience and over 15 years studying the game like a mad man.
I do consider myself a EXPERT and a STUDENT of the game, that means I know it like the back of my hand, but Im still looking for ways to improve my teaching methods.
Okay, now its time to get out on the court and get busy. For more information on my seminars or  online lessons, check the consulting page. Look out for more of my products in the future. For one on one coaching or call 0798-51-4481


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