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Going With The Flow

Hey guys, sorry haven’t written a post in a while, been busy working at the club here, in kobe, japan. Hope you guys are staying cool as the summer runs down. Todays tip is on (going with the flow) of your game. Since tennis is a feel game, we need to go with the flow of the match that we are playing. Never FORCE your game, it all about reacting to what your opponent is doing and countering to break their FLOW! Things are happening to quick too, so if you think about it, you are going to be late on your shots. Thats why I tell my students to warm up right by getting a feel for the ball the moment you step on the court, don’t crush your first shot or try to hit with power during the warm up. Your main objection is to groove your strokes before the match starts, also never start the match until you FEEL you are ready,hell make your opponent wait if you have to, this alone can help you get off to a better start in the match. If your opponent get off to a fast start, slow it down and get more balls in, their streak will end at some point and when it does,be ready to turn up the HEAT. If you have the flow from the start,ride it at your own pace, the key here is to feel as though you are getting better as the match goes along. When this happens your opponent usually gives up. Going with the flow has to be practice over and over, until you feel that you have MASTER IT! The thing I like about it is, going with the flow, is easier then getting into the ZONE. You will rarely, if ever be able to get into the zone, but going and staying with the flow can be done every outing. So,make this your goals for the next 20 days,experiment with different method to find one that works for you. Just go with the FLOW!

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This is something that you have to have if you are going to achieve your goals, most players fall short ,because they don’t have self-confidence. As for as my story I starting winning the moment my confidence kick in and the same will be for you.It wasn’t easy i had to practice this everyday for 30 days then stay with it,before i was able to gain it. To gain this you have to practice and trust that your game will come through for you, sometime it will, but when it doesn’t, you must be able to bounce back quickly. Never allow a DEFEAT to hold you down for a long time, refocus and hit the court more determine then ever, this is how you really become self confidence and unstoppable. Notice how long it takes you to recover from a lost and try to improve on it after a setback, the thing here is you have to will yourself to get over it. Like all my teachings, I feel that you have to act the part until you become it. So, ACT like you have self-confident from today by showing no fear in your next match. Go out there as if you know you are going to win, believe in your heart that if you put forth maximum effort, everything will be fine. Another name for this is call BRAIN BUILDING, you build yourself up over time by acting and thinking yourself into a mood or players, its one of the most powerful things that you can learn to do, so start today and never stop until you have become that players. Good luck!

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Getting into The Groove

Hey guys, how are you today? Its raining like cats and dogs here in Kobe, so Im going to try to get some writing in and reading. I would suggest that you guys do the same when you have time, the more you read and write about the game, the better your insight will become. Okay, todays tip is about getting into the groove with your strokes and your game. Tennis being a FEEL game, so that when you are learning a new stroke, work on one stroke at a time and try to focus only on that stroke until you FEEL it starting to take shape, I have spoken about this before but I would like a repeat it, its repetition and focus that helps you to master a stroke. I teach my students to try to adjust after every swing to get a better feel, this is where the grooving takes place when learning a  stroke, then what happens is one day the stroke just SHOWS UP! I have seen this over and over with my students, so please try this method with all your strokes. As for  your game, I would suggest you try to work on playing from all parts of the court, you want to be comfortable where ever you are playing at. Try to get a lot of live balls double drills in, when you get caught out of position, make a note of it in your mind for the next time,so you can correct it. As for as movement, I find that it gets better the more you practice, this is how you can groove your game. Last thing, relax after a point, refocus and try to play the next point even harder, the great thing about this is you will be feeling yourself get stronger while you play if you do this. Okay, get out there and groove your stroke and your game to more wins.

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Rebuild Yourself

I hope yo guys are staying cool where ever you are. Todays tip is how to rebuild yourself into any player that you want to become. You don’t have to stay at the same level forever, this is the misconception most player make. To rebuild yourself, first give up your past history, get the vision of the player you want to become and never lose site of it. Your past history is most likely fill with failures anyway, so have nothing to do with them. I have talked about this before, stop focusing on your failures, this only produces more of the same. Because the negative image begins to sink into your brain(subconscious) where it prevents you from moving forward. This is the main obstacle that holds players back,so if you want to rebuild yourself as a player, get to work on your SELF-IMAGE , saturate your mind with POSITIVE things, this should starve your negative image as a player, by not giving it any nourishment. I have found this to be the best way to get rid of our negative image, stop feeding it, I had to find this out the hard way. But thank god I did, it was a true awaking, because I found out I was the real reason for my problems. The best thing to do is turn  around and face the other way! Force yourself to focus on being successful, when you catch yourself going back to your old ways, refocus quickly, this will take self-discipile and consistent action on your part, but it is worth it. Okay, its time to rebuild yourself! Take action,just work on it everyday.

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The First Point

Todays tip is about the first point of every game. Make sure that you win that first point of every game, it usually set the tone for that game, so get off to a good start. Not only the first point, but also the first game and the first set. Get off to a good start and ride the momentum to a win. Back to the first point, fight like hell to win it, don’t play a lose point, if you lose, just fight even harder to win the next point. This actually build up your concentration, by being focus at the start, as well as the end of the game. This will help you get onto a nice rhythm,then just ride the wave, playing SOLID tennis. This should help you to break the will of your opponent, which is always your main goal when you go into a match. Just play that first point as if your life depended on it, with as much intensity as you can give. The problem here is too many players play a first cheap point, not thinking or not focusing, this carry over during the game. Neutralize this by WINNING the first point and making that a habit in every game, results,more wins. Start trying to break the game down more to better understand it. Be a student of the game.

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