Flow With Your Game

16 Jul

Hey guys, its a hot one in the city of kobe! I hope you guys are cool where ever you are, today’s tip is on how to flow with your game. I spoke about the topic of flow before so i will just expand a little here. Learning to flow with your game, can be one of the most important thing that you can do to help you win more matches. When you are flowing with your game you aren’t really trying to do anything at all, you are letting the game come to you or you are trying to find your flow during the match. Since tennis is a feel game and most of us lose because of our NERVES, its even more important to flow with your game. We all get nervous and tight during a match,so the more you learn to let your game flow the better you will perform and win. Try not to let anybody or anything mess up your flow, start practicing this now, until it becomes a habit. Sometimes you wont be successful when you are trying it but, move on as quickly as possible after it happen. Keep a positive self-image of your game, never doubt yourself, this will give you powers that you didn’t know you had. When you master this, you will start dominating your opponents. I would summarizes flowing with your game as, playing tennis relax and having fun, thats it, keep it simple, this is such a great game.  Lets enjoy it as much as we can.

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