Use Your Energy

11 Jul

Are you using all your energy in your shots? If not, start now, using your energy to me is getting all your weight and momentum into the ball. Its more powerful then, just stepping in to the ball, its maximizing your leverage when you strike the ball. Here are some tips to get you started, first, move to the ball as if you were moving in slow motion, of course this is after your explosive first step, get as close to the ball as possible then release your energy into the ball, while staying balance throughout the swing. All ways recover quickly, because you don’t have any time to admire the shot. Im talking about ground strokes here, by approaching the ball in slow motion, you will be able to store up that energy, then release it on your command. This take time and practice, so try it over and over again, until you can master it. As for as the serve, the energy is store up during the wine up(trophy position) and release when you pronate. Again this takes hours and hours of practice, in women tennis, what you see, is a lot of female players don’t store up enough energy in their wine up, so as a result they can’t release it. Also remember, with all stroke this releasing of your energy can not be force! It has to be EFFORTLESS, let the racket do the work, you are just along for the ride. Okay, lets get out there and use put some ENERGY in our shots.

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