He Can, Who Thinks He Can

02 Jul

This phrase is so, true that we need to teach this to our children and we need to practice it ourselves, until it becomes a habit. Its really simple if you want to become the player that you know you can be, you have to believe it. The reason why most people don’t is, because they don’t think they can. The best way to fix this is through self-encouragement every day. You can not get away from your thoughts so you have to be like them. Its a matter of changing your thinking habits to fit your outcome. Notice how a actor plays different parts in a movie. Well, we are actors too on this great stage call LIFE, so if we want to play the role of a champion, we must walk, talk and act like one, it is really that simple. Stop acting like a loser in every way, turn your back on your failures, burn all bridges behind you. I find this is the most powerful step you can take towards your success. Just know that you can do it from the start, you may not succeed every time, but if you FEEL that you will win, you wont be disappointed most of the time. And, if you are, bounce back quickly and recover. Action tip- use affirmation to build up your self confidence until it start to take effect on you. Say things like ( I KNOW I CAN) over and over again, to tap into your sub-consciousness, were the real power is. Your sub-consciousness will begin to accept what you send it and then there is no stopping you, all MENTAL is cause, you cause it by your negative thinking, so only you can change it. I will leave you with this to chew on( to think you can , is to create a force that can). End of lesson people!

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