I can DO This

30 Jul

This one phrase can make all the different in the world in your matches and play. Your belief will 90% of the time determine your outcome, so why not think that you can all the time. whenever you are nervous or before a big point, just say to yourself”I can do this”! And believe you can, then you will, most of our self-talk is negative,so this should help you to neutralize it by using this phrase with EMOTION. You have to emotionalize it for it to be effective. In sports its all mental, you have to master your emotions, if you want to win, as I have said your main goal in tennis is to break the will of your opponent, so they will give up or quit.Always strive for this when you are playing, and since there is no such thing as over confidents, you need to work on building up your everyday. Feed your head with positive messages, until they began to take effect, then after reenforce them every outing. I can do this, make that your mantra, have nothing to do with anybody or anything that weakens you, notice how we keep our minds on things we don’t want, instead of the things we do want. This is why players FAIL! Yes by changing your mindset to “I can do this”  will be creating a force that will assist you in doing this. Give it a try. if you want to win now, just think “I can do this”.

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