Mind Power (create your game)

05 Jul

I try to read every thing i can on self-improvement and self-growth, I advise you to do the same. you can never stop getting better, so try to improve some how some way all the time. Which brings me to my tip today and that tip is how to use mind power to create the tennis game that you want. For some this might be hard, but for others this should be easy. In the nut shell what you have to do is REWIRE YOUR MIND! I just read this by the great john Kehoe and Im going to try to implement it into my teaching methods. Rewire means, to totally makeover your mind, by feeding it instruction everyday for 30 min. or more. I would say depending on how weak or bad you are, practice it longer. So, what do you feed it? Simple, tell it and visualize the player you want to become, this has to be done with emotions or it wont work. I have said this many times before, tennis is a feel game, so the stronger your feeling are about your game, the quicker you can create it. Make sense right? the problem now is that you are sending your mind the wrong messages(negative ones), so you are actually creating the problem for your game. Wow, its really simple when you break it down. Do this, for the next 21 days, do some MENTAL TRAINING, get in a quiet place and picture yourself playing the way you want to play. Get that feeling deep down inside you, I mean really emotionalizes it. See yourself at your best, do this before you practice or play a match and slowly you will see your game start to take shape. never get frustrated, don’t allow anything or anyone to disrupt your HARMONY. Then, one day it will just click! It will all fall into place, thats MIND POWER!

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