US Junior Tennis

26 Feb

Hey guys, I wanted to get a post out on this subject because there was a lot of talk about it on Linkein  today in my discussion group. Look what I said was that, the coaches are a big problem with the state of junior tennis in the US today, its their job to be able to set up a environment where the players can reach their full potential and go beyond it. This is were they have  to be aware of whats  working and what is not, then keep tweaking it until you get the results that you want. And, we have to get these players to develop a strong self-belief system that can’t be shaken by anything or anyone, this is the one thing I can’t figure out why it is not focused on enough by US coaches, but I can imagine the reason, its all about the coaches EGO instead of the player, they want it to be about them and not about the players, which happens in all sports we know. See, too many coaches are in the game for the wrong reasons, it should be for the love of the game, not money or recognition. So, lets hope that the USTA and USPTA do a whole new make over with their program soon, to start seeing some better results. Thats the only thing that will turn US tennis around for the better.

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