Lets talk Fed

19 Feb

Wanted to really get his post out there after hearing he lost the other day, is it me or does everyone else feel the same about Fed’s game , i mean for christ sake whats going on with this guy now! I have lost a lot of respect for him for two reasons, first off, as a ex pro who had to work his butt out to make it to where I did, here he is with a( Oh WeLL )attitude about the game, at least thats the vibe Im getting from him and the message he is sending to the world, I don’t see him leaving it all out there every match anymore. Do you? And he owes it to the game to either put up or get out now, the fact is Novak and Nadal( congras on the win) as well as a few others have raise their game in the last two years and left him in the dust. I can’t believe I’m writing this post but it needs to be said, if anyone out there has a beef with this post, I would loved to hear from you okay. My advice to him is, get to work on building  up your mental toughness, he has got the game, but who knows where his head is right now. I hope he can turn this around this year and I would loved to coach him back to the top, all I would do is get in his face and tell him to get off you all mighty horse and get serious about what it takes to get back to the top again, then have him commit to this. The thing he is missing now is the WARRIOR SPIRIT! Which is something only he can discover, man, I would love to kick this guys ass back in shape, Fed if you are reading this, give me a call!  Im waiting!

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