Purify Your Thoughts

17 Feb

I read everyday for 1hr. or more , I hope that you guys are doing the same, make sure that you read things that can help you purify your thoughts, to make you a more peaceful person on the inside. This will in return help you to be able to focus better on the court, this can be used for anything that you are doing, because you see lack of focus comes from your inability to clear your mind at will. If you want to be more productive I would get to work on this right now, there is no system out there to show you, you just have to let go and keep trying to until you find out how! Sorry, just a fact, everyone wants a method for curing yourself, but sometimes there isn’t one, One thing you can do is focus on the person you long to be when you think of yourself,also try  to turn your back on your failures forever, after that stop dwelling on your weaknesses, this only attracts more of the same. We all need to find a peace of mind to help us be more productive in our daily lives, so start with these two and go from there, tennis as is all sports, is mental, by purifying your thoughts, so will purify your tennis game.

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