The Mind Game

12 Feb

The biggest game that you will have to win is the mind game, that means what is going on in between your ears! You have to control it or it will control you, start by making sure you get enough practice in, so your can relax and trust your game during the match,also practice with intensity to get a feel for how you will feel in real match play, you can’t just turn it on and off. Next, always play to win, focus on being consistent with your play for the whole match, try to stay even keel  with your emotion,  that is, don’t get too up or too down after a point,instead forget about the last point and get ready for the next point(the most important one). You have to stay in the moment, stop thinking about the last game, when you catch yourself thinking about the next set, brings yourself back to reality. he mind has to be train, do this by freeing yourself from though when you are playing, things are happening too fast okay, so the more you play on instincts, the better you will perform. One more thing, deny any thoughts that weaken you, this is the toughest part about the game, because we have so many thought in our heads, but with practice and willpower, you should be fine.

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