Start Listening

06 Feb

I think the best way to get better on the court and off is to start listening to people more, you never know what you can learn from other people, so instead of tuning that person or group out, see if there is anything to be gain from it first, its that old, accept what is useful or reject what is useless teaching. When you change the way you see things, a lot of things start to change in your life! Here are some good tips, next time you are in a group, don’t talk for the first 30 minutes, when someone is talking to you, stop whatever you are doing, to give that person your full attention , last, from now on,  stop prejudging people that you meet, who knows, that person may be the one to give you or helps lead you to a million $ idea! The best part about becoming a great listener is, people love to talk about themselves, so you will attract more business and advice, but the best one of all, MONEY!

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