Hold The Vision

16 Dec

Hey guys, first off Happy Holidays and may next year be a great one for you and your family. Lets hop right in on todays topic,( Hold the Vision) of the player that you want to be in your MIND all the time. This is really the only way to reach and become all that we can be. The problem is trying to hold this vision when you are struggling! What happens then is, our vision tends to fad, so the only way to over ride this is by consistently thinking about and seeing yourself as the player you want to be, first tip is to make sure you do some (mental rehearsing every morning and night before you go to bed) I myself have found this to be very effective because then Im able to send positive messages to my SUB-CONSOIUS mind, then it in return will obey my orders. See if you don’t tap into this very powerful part of your mind you will always struggle to break through, why, because the old VISION will reappear again and again. Next, feed your head all day long with positive things, the problem is we let people come around us with their negative crap and it effects us or we listen to people instead of trusting ourselves, never forget that 90% of the people in the world are NEGATIVE! Man, that a big number, what Im saying is its time to get in the small number here folks and create your own world. All it takes is some discipline and EFFORT on your part, the secret to HOLDING the VISION of the player you want to be is to just stop doing and listening to negative things. You have to KEEP THE FAITH!

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