Tennis Is Emotional

06 Dec

The weather here in kobe is awesome! Im going to go teach another lesson soon, but lets get into todays tip, which is what tennis is really all about, and that is EMOTIONS. The reason why I respect the game so much, is because tennis does reveal character by how well you are able to handle your emotions, see we are brought up to make excuses, when we FAIL, but tennis doesn’t allow you to do this, its all on you and how well you can step up to the plate while dealing with your fears. The best way to improve this, is to be aware of  it and try to detach yourself from the outcome. It really works, I have seen this over and over again, with my juniors in their matches, where they somehow manage their nerves and get through. In every case they dealt with their emotions on the spot, then they PUSH through it, this is by far the best tactic to use when playing matches, start in practice, try to be as focus and intense as possible when doing it, again let your practice play carry over to your matches. Players try to switch it on and off but they soon realize that they can’t, many times too late, also this has to be learned over time with practice ,practice and even more practice, what you are looking for is to be aware with JUDGING! Then you are able to see for yourself and correct it over time, please read this blog again and post it where you can refer to it daily! This works people, so give it a try. Just don’t be afraid to fail, when you do and we all do, get back up, then move forward!

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