Go for It

27 Nov

Hey, its a great day here in kobe and Im feeling good, trying to finish the year off strong and get the momentum rolling for next year. Hope you are doing the same, lets get into going for your shot more and accepting what happens, this goes back to the COMMIT post I wrote before. You can’t second guess yourself when you are playing, you have to GO FOR YOUR SHOT and live with the results, its self confidence at a high level and the only way to get there, is to put the work in then trust that it will always work out. We get what we expect, thats why Im always preaching to my students to see themselves making the shots in their mind! Try to get into a habit of always picturing yourself playing at your best, you have to see it, before you can do it! Here is where players make the mistake of having a negative image of themselves, when they are playing or focusing in on their mistakes. Believe me its a dead end, instead make it a habit from today to spend 30 minutes or more doing some MENTAL REHEARSING, go to a quiet place and do just that, really try to visualizes yourself playing PERFECT tennis. Look, of course you wont be able to do it all the time, but you will be able to do it more then you are doing now, thats the secret to this exercise. You have to change your IMAGE of your game, then your game will change! Get it!

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