10X Rule

16 Nov

Hey guys its a rainy day here in Kobe, Im trying to get my ebook finish, so look out for it in the coming months. Lets get into the 10X rule, there is a book out by Grant Cardone and I would suggest that you go pick it up today, because it will change your life for sure. This book is about writing down your goals and coming up with a game plan, then using 10 time the effort that you would usually use to reach it. It works like a charm, the reason is most people wont put that can of effort in their goals. I know I wouldn’t at first, it makes sense too, why wouldn’t you try to multiply your effort to reach your goals, when you have all the NEGATIVE things and people trying to stop you. This is the main reason we don’t achieve our goals and dreams, because we let outside forces prevent us from hanging in there to the end! Okay, let get you on the right track, first do a audit on everyone in your life, and determine how are they helping you, or should I say EMPOWERING you, if not they have to go now, next write down your goals and give yourself a time limit to reach them, no excuses, set at date and keep it. One thing about this part, don’t give yourself a way out, burn those bridges behind you! And last ,take MASSIVE action everyday like a mad person, become obsess with your goals. Doesn’t matter what people say, you are on a mission, also don’t listen to people who try to discourage you, stay on your mission. The last one is the toughest because its usually family members who effect us the most in this area. So, be aware, and stay focus on your goals. Good luck. PS, if your don’t have any goals, you are really wasting your life away, don’t fool yourself.

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