Learning The Game

05 Nov

Hey guys its been a while since I wrote my last blog, hope things are going well with you all. Its a raining day here in kobe,japan. Also I would like to ask everyone to pray for the victims of hurricane Sandy and lets hope that they can recover quickly. Todays topic is on learning the game the right way, I wrote about this in the free report on this site, so I will just add a few things about how to improve your FEEL for the game. First, stop worrying about how you look or making mistakes, its part of the game, and the sooner you can get over it, the better you will play. Next, learn to RELAX more on the court, I often find myself saying  this over and over again on the court, being relax help you to feel the shot better and its where the power comes into play. The most important thing is it help you to deal with your NERVES, which can tend to make your game fall apart. Look at how the pros handle their emotions on court, its all because they are relax, and they get in this mood by BREATHING. Practice this by taking deep breath after and before a point, then exhale slowly, releasing the tension from your body. Also make sure to exhale when you make contact with the ball, points are short, only 3 to 5 shot in club play, so try to stay relax as you can during the point. Learning the game boils down to being able to transfer what you do on the practice court, to your match play. So start doing this in practice. Your goal is to get better at this over time, until you began to see your game improve in this area. Its all about improving your FEEL for the game! I always stress to my students to keep it simple, and stay in the moment, tennis is easy when you take this approach to the game.

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  1. Liz McGrath

    November 28, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    Thanks for the lesson today Thomas and putting up with my serve!! I can omly get better from here and will practise, practise practise!!!


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