Tennis is Emotional

15 Oct

Hey guys, how is the fall where ever you are at? Here in kobe, Its getting cool, so it make teaching tennis the ideal sport. Today tip, is all about controlling your EMOTION on the court. The key to playing your game, is to be able to RELAX and let your stroke flow and when emotion set in, it always effects your game. Look, we all get nervous when we play a match, so just admit it and accept it, then do what ever you can get in the flow. One good thing to do is before the match, is get some MENTAL PICTURING in. Thats when you find a quiet place and practice visualizing ,seeing yourself playing your best tennis, try to FEEL the emotion you would if you were actually playing the match. Next, make sure when you get on the court that you don’t bring any extra baggage with you, get your mind clear first. Last thing, is to get in a good WARM UP before the match starts, by moving your feet as much as possible and breathing smoothly. The more you move your feet, the more you should be able to relax and control your emotion. You will get better over time, so just keep practicing and BELIEVE in your game! Tennis is all about developing your self-belief, so work on building your up EVERYDAY! Let me ask, what did you do today to build up your self-belief? The key to success is doing something everyday to reach your GOAL!

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