Don’t Struggle

08 Oct

Hey guys, hope the fall is as good as it is here in kobe, Im getting ready to teach, but I wanted to give you guys a quick tip on how to play smooth tennis. The key here is now to struggle, if you try to FORCE your play, you will throw your rhythm off. Because any form of struggle disrupts your TIMING, we see it all the times with the pros and our peers. see tennis is a FEEL game and your main goal is to get a better feel for your game every time you play. First thing  RELAX and BREATH, to let the strokes develop, as well as your game. Next, learn how to play FLOW TENNIS, many of you have before and you didn’t know it. It was that time when you weren’t trying and hit that perfect shot! The reason you could do it was because you were in the FLOW! Get it? I have been trying to get my students to understand this for years and it works, but you can’t struggle for this to happen. Just get the practice in and trust in your game, also enjoy the process to improve faster. Some people call it (zen tennis) but whatever you call it, don’t struggle in trying to do it, relax and let it happen!

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