Student of The Game

17 Sep

Its a raining day here in kobe, japan. Im getting ready to start the week and hoping it will get cool  here soon. Lets talk about being or becoming a student of the game, because I feel to really reach your full potential, you have to study the game and try to understand the whole process of becoming a COMPLETE player,but its not easy.Thats why a lot of people give up on the game. Tennis is a FEEL game, your goal is a get better feel for the strokes every practice, then get a feel for your game, until you Feel a sense on confident and good control of your strokes. The key word is FEEL, it could be on the volleys, serve or strokes,its all the same. If you can’t get a feel for the strokes, you will not be able to hit it. To master this feel, you have to groove the stroke through repetition and focus, what you are trying to do, is let the stroke develop on its own. It will over time, I have found the biggest problem with players is that they make the game more complicated then it needs to be. If you watch the pros then adopt and adapt the things they do to your game, you will soon see a change start to take place in yours! Also enjoy the game while you are learning, you should be always smiling on the court, because this will help you to coop with the FAILURES that you will face. Last thing, becoming a student of the game only take place when you are in LEARNING mode, so stop prejudginging things and be open to everything! Good luck!

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