US Open 2012

09 Sep

Hey guys, just checking in with you guys. Its a sun. here  in kobe,japan and wanted to say a few things about the Open. First we all miss Nadal and I hope he recovers soon, next the Fed was really disappointing in his 4th round performance, he didn’t show up and me, like a lot of fans were thinking,(what the hell is this!) the sad thing about him is he needs to give his all to the game or retire. He is too good of a player and I can’t see true CHAMPIONS going out like that. Good news, Andy seems to have made a good choice in choosing Lendel as his coach, let see how he does in the final vs Ferrer or Novak.On  the women side,it has been good, Kim last match was what it was, but she did finish her career in new York, lets hope that the final is good and Serena and Asavaranka can duel it out! Can’t forget about Roddick and his great career, his achievements have been under rated,so lets give him his due, this guy has stayed in the top 10 for years! Great job Andy! Wish you and your family the best, if anyone has something to add please do. hope to play and meet some of you guys out there!

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