Going With The Flow

27 Aug

Hey guys, sorry haven’t written a post in a while, been busy working at the club here, in kobe, japan. Hope you guys are staying cool as the summer runs down. Todays tip is on (going with the flow) of your game. Since tennis is a feel game, we need to go with the flow of the match that we are playing. Never FORCE your game, it all about reacting to what your opponent is doing and countering to break their FLOW! Things are happening to quick too, so if you think about it, you are going to be late on your shots. Thats why I tell my students to warm up right by getting a feel for the ball the moment you step on the court, don’t crush your first shot or try to hit with power during the warm up. Your main objection is to groove your strokes before the match starts, also never start the match until you FEEL you are ready,hell make your opponent wait if you have to, this alone can help you get off to a better start in the match. If your opponent get off to a fast start, slow it down and get more balls in, their streak will end at some point and when it does,be ready to turn up the HEAT. If you have the flow from the start,ride it at your own pace, the key here is to feel as though you are getting better as the match goes along. When this happens your opponent usually gives up. Going with the flow has to be practice over and over, until you feel that you have MASTER IT! The thing I like about it is, going with the flow, is easier then getting into the ZONE. You will rarely, if ever be able to get into the zone, but going and staying with the flow can be done every outing. So,make this your goals for the next 20 days,experiment with different method to find one that works for you. Just go with the FLOW!

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