20 Aug

This is something that you have to have if you are going to achieve your goals, most players fall short ,because they don’t have self-confidence. As for as my story I starting winning the moment my confidence kick in and the same will be for you.It wasn’t easy i had to practice this everyday for 30 days then stay with it,before i was able to gain it. To gain this you have to practice and trust that your game will come through for you, sometime it will, but when it doesn’t, you must be able to bounce back quickly. Never allow a DEFEAT to hold you down for a long time, refocus and hit the court more determine then ever, this is how you really become self confidence and unstoppable. Notice how long it takes you to recover from a lost and try to improve on it after a setback, the thing here is you have to will yourself to get over it. Like all my teachings, I feel that you have to act the part until you become it. So, ACT like you have self-confident from today by showing no fear in your next match. Go out there as if you know you are going to win, believe in your heart that if you put forth maximum effort, everything will be fine. Another name for this is call BRAIN BUILDING, you build yourself up over time by acting and thinking yourself into a mood or players, its one of the most powerful things that you can learn to do, so start today and never stop until you have become that players. Good luck!

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