Getting into The Groove

13 Aug

Hey guys, how are you today? Its raining like cats and dogs here in Kobe, so Im going to try to get some writing in and reading. I would suggest that you guys do the same when you have time, the more you read and write about the game, the better your insight will become. Okay, todays tip is about getting into the groove with your strokes and your game. Tennis being a FEEL game, so that when you are learning a new stroke, work on one stroke at a time and try to focus only on that stroke until you FEEL it starting to take shape, I have spoken about this before but I would like a repeat it, its repetition and focus that helps you to master a stroke. I teach my students to try to adjust after every swing to get a better feel, this is where the grooving takes place when learning a  stroke, then what happens is one day the stroke just SHOWS UP! I have seen this over and over with my students, so please try this method with all your strokes. As for  your game, I would suggest you try to work on playing from all parts of the court, you want to be comfortable where ever you are playing at. Try to get a lot of live balls double drills in, when you get caught out of position, make a note of it in your mind for the next time,so you can correct it. As for as movement, I find that it gets better the more you practice, this is how you can groove your game. Last thing, relax after a point, refocus and try to play the next point even harder, the great thing about this is you will be feeling yourself get stronger while you play if you do this. Okay, get out there and groove your stroke and your game to more wins.

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