Rebuild Yourself

05 Aug

I hope yo guys are staying cool where ever you are. Todays tip is how to rebuild yourself into any player that you want to become. You don’t have to stay at the same level forever, this is the misconception most player make. To rebuild yourself, first give up your past history, get the vision of the player you want to become and never lose site of it. Your past history is most likely fill with failures anyway, so have nothing to do with them. I have talked about this before, stop focusing on your failures, this only produces more of the same. Because the negative image begins to sink into your brain(subconscious) where it prevents you from moving forward. This is the main obstacle that holds players back,so if you want to rebuild yourself as a player, get to work on your SELF-IMAGE , saturate your mind with POSITIVE things, this should starve your negative image as a player, by not giving it any nourishment. I have found this to be the best way to get rid of our negative image, stop feeding it, I had to find this out the hard way. But thank god I did, it was a true awaking, because I found out I was the real reason for my problems. The best thing to do is turn  around and face the other way! Force yourself to focus on being successful, when you catch yourself going back to your old ways, refocus quickly, this will take self-discipile and consistent action on your part, but it is worth it. Okay, its time to rebuild yourself! Take action,just work on it everyday.

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