The First Point

03 Aug

Todays tip is about the first point of every game. Make sure that you win that first point of every game, it usually set the tone for that game, so get off to a good start. Not only the first point, but also the first game and the first set. Get off to a good start and ride the momentum to a win. Back to the first point, fight like hell to win it, don’t play a lose point, if you lose, just fight even harder to win the next point. This actually build up your concentration, by being focus at the start, as well as the end of the game. This will help you get onto a nice rhythm,then just ride the wave, playing SOLID tennis. This should help you to break the will of your opponent, which is always your main goal when you go into a match. Just play that first point as if your life depended on it, with as much intensity as you can give. The problem here is too many players play a first cheap point, not thinking or not focusing, this carry over during the game. Neutralize this by WINNING the first point and making that a habit in every game, results,more wins. Start trying to break the game down more to better understand it. Be a student of the game.

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