Think Upward

30 Jun

Today tips is quick and to the point, change the way you see yourself as a player. Start to look at your game, as the way you want it to be. Decide  what type of players you want to become, by getting a clear vision, in your mind. Then always see yourself a little higher up, in your life, this mean off and on the court. Now as I have said before, just act like you are already that player. WALK<TALK<and MOVE like you think that player would, now what you will see, is that you will become that player. Its that simple really, it amazing why more people don’t get this. When you turn into that player, keep thinking upward and tap into that power within to reach your full potential and go where no player has gone! Stop all negative thinking about your game, if you do find yourself thinking negative, don’t get angry, just refocus, in time you should be able to control your thinking. Thinking upward seem to neutralizes negativity, and I think this is a very powerful mind-set to develop. So, get started today and let me know how it turns out.

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