Effort Leads To Success

30 Jun

This is the one thing, that is not focus on enough in sports. Its all about putting in more effort then winning. The reason is, if you get caught up in winning at all cost, you will usually take some short cut or even cheat yourself, put if you decide to put all the effort you can to achieve your goals, you will find it more self rewarding and your self-esteem will grow. Effort really does lead to success, look at where you are right now, if you haven’t reach your goals or you don’t like where you are, its because you haven’t put in the EFFORT. I myself am still working on this and trying to get myself to give more effort, in everything I do. Taking responsibility, is the first step toward your success, stop waiting for someone to come and help you, just give more effort. If you are in the habit of making excuses , stop and think about how you can  put more effort in next time. To be honest we already have every thing we need to reach our dreams and goals, now we just have to believe and put fort more effort in every area of our lives. This is what the self-help gurus don’t want you to know, because they want to keep on milking you guys, I think once you really open your eyes, you will see that if its going to be, its up to me(thanks Brian Tracy).Action tip, come up with a plan to give more effort to every thing you do, weather its being a better person or player, just give maximum EFFORT from today. Force yourself to do it, then watch as you become unstoppable in every phase of your life. God bless you.

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