Daily Dose

24 Jun

If you want to reach your peak as a tennis player in less then 4 years, here is what you should do. Figure out the daily things, you can do everyday to get better and reach your goals. Write down your goals, map out a plan and check to make sure, that you are doing what you need to do to get there. Also get around people who are going to help you and inspire you to be the best. This one thing can do wonder for you. Its all about staying focus, because most of us are easily distracted by outside forces, so we need to create or get in a environment  that will help us. The DAILY DOSE mantra is powerful because, what you are doing is slowly building  up your game, step by step, feeling more confident as you go along. Then one day you arrive at your GOAL and then you can scream YES,I DID IT. So, go get your notebook, and write out a daily dose plan and keep updating it , also revising it as you go along. The one thing you have to decide is to COMMIT yourself, after that its a done deal. Good luck.

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