Be a Conqueror

22 Jun

Hey guys, the weather here in Kobe is horrible, so Im getting some writing done. Todays tip, is how to get stronger mentally. I really believe its your mindset, that you take to the court. Some players, you can look at and know they are a CONQUEROR, because they carry themselves, in a way thats shows how confident they are. While others look defeated, before a ball is struck. The question is, how do you attain this mindset, first thing is you have to deepen your self-belief and work on your attitude. It comes down to a question of weather you believe in your powers or not. My advise is get a positive attitude and a strong belief today, even if you have to force yourself. Its to important to your career, not to have it, this also pertains to off the court, you will only go as far as your self-belief will take you. Yeah, now you see how important it is. Most people don’t succeed ,because they never took the time to develop a strong belief system and a positive attitude, the good news is you can change today, through WILLPOWER. Start reading positive books and get around positive people, stay away from negative people at all cost. Stop talking to yourself in a negative way, affirm that you will become the player and person that you want to become. Keep at it until you feel yourself changing inside, then its just a matter of waking up every day and going through the whole process again. This should help you to start feeling in total control of your surrounding and become a conqueror.  To become a conqueror, you have to act like one and you MUST believe that you can become one. Like the saying goes( believe,then achieve)

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One response to “Be a Conqueror

  1. David Dickerson

    June 25, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Good Stuff.
    Very motivational!


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