Feel The Court

20 Jun

Since tennis is a feel game, try to get use to how to move on the court, also known as COURT AWARENESS. be aware of your court positioning all the time. This come with practice, so don’t worry it will come in due time. The key here is to play more and always notice where you are, when you get caught out of position. Make a note in your mind, then adjust next time you are in that situation. Watch the pros and look at how smooth they move on the court and never seem to be out of position. This come from practice, mix in with getting a feel, were to be on the court. Nobody can tell you how to do this, you have to get out there and do it. The faster you get a feel your game, the faster you will start to improve in this area. Action tip- try a lot of jump-rope and move natural, no one needs to show you how to move to the ball, lend and go to it. Hope this help your COURT AWARENESS. 

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