Let the Past Go

17 Jun

If you want to take your tennis game to the next level, then you have to learn to let the past go. Notice how i said learn, because its a learning process. Be patient, and keep trying to develop internally. This is what all the great achievers have done , they kept working on themselves. I really feel that its a on going process,were you have to be mature and take responsibility for your success. First thing is to stop focusing on your past mistake, this was and is still one of my biggest problems. Because this keeps us stuck in the past, never able to move on in our careers. The one thing I try to do, is always picture myself as I long to be! Write this down somewhere, so you can look at it everyday for 30 days( its not the person you are today, nor the person you were last week, that is important, its the person that you long to be,if you put forth the effort ,that you should always hold in your mind). Repeat that to yourself everyday and watch yourself transform, into the person you long to be, just give up the past and the future is yours. I wish we all could learn to do this today,to reach our peak performance ability. Take action  on this, don’t wait until tomorrow.

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