Push forward

16 Jun

If you want to become all you can be as a tennis player, learn  to push forward, no matter what happens, keep pushing yourself to move forward. We all have powers lock up inside of us that we don’t know we have, so by pushing ourselves, we can tap into these powers and make them work for us. Here is the reality, we never reach our dreams and goals because we don’t put forth the effort. Have a heart to heart talk with yourself right now and be honest, remember you are trying to get in contact with your HIGHER SELF. This is what you were put on this earth to do. Then get to work on making yourself better, do whatever it take, and develop a positive attitude, that can never be question. To push forward, you have to have a positive attitude about life, then life will have a positive attitude toward you. Get it? okay go to work and wake up everyday with a more positive attitude then the day before, this should make you become unstoppable. The question is how bad do you want it, thats up to you to answer.

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